5 Best tourist places to visit in Jaisalmer

5 Best tourist places to visit in Jaisalmer

5 Best tourist places to visit in Jaisalmer
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Jaisalmer is popularly called as the 'Golden City of India' because the yellow sand and the yellow sandstone used in the architecture of the city which provides a golden glow to the city. Jaisalmer is named after Maharawal Jaisal Singh, a Rajput king who founded the city in 1156 AD. Jaisalmer is also quite famous for royal forts, Havelis, palaces, museums and temples. Jaisalmer attracts a lot of tourists for its desert camel safari. A bumpy ride on a camel in the Thar Desert is one of the exciting things to do in Jaisalmer. Sam Sand Dunes and Khuri Sand Dunes are the popular dunes in Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer Desert Festival, a music festival typically held in the 2nd week of February is also hosted near Sam Sand Dunes. Jaisalmer is also known for various crafts such as silver jewelry, embroidery, stone, work, leather products, and printing work. So, let's dive into the topic.

The best tourist places to visit in Jaisalmer :

1. Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort, nestled on the golden sands of Thar Desert, is not just a fort but a mini-town with houses, temples, shops, and restaurants. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it falls under the category of 'Hill Forts of India'. Built in 1156, Jaisalmer Fort gets its name from the former Bhati Rajput ruler Rao Jaisal. More than three thousand people live within the fort walls with multiple entrance gates on the path up top, the last of which directs you to the popular public square named Dashera Chowk. The fort stands at an impressive height of 250 ft. and is surrounded by a 30 ft. tall walls. Owing to its altitude, it offers a stunning and panoramic view of Jaisalmer city draped in golden yellow. One of the largest forts in the world, Jaisalmer Fort is located on the southern edge of the city and is popularly known as 'Sonar Qila' or 'Golden Fort'.  It is a massive structure exhibiting its aesthetic beauty.

2. Desert Safari

Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is a place frequently visited by tourists for its large stretches of desert sand. Most of the visitors prefer going for the desert safaris and planned packages. These tours are conducted either in the early morning or during the evening to avoid the scorching heat. Also, once the desert safari in Jaisalmer gets done, you can enjoy a delicious meal alongside musical dance program that showcases the local culture of Rajasthan. The desert safari is usually conducted in jeeps or personal cars; you can also enjoy the camel safari over the dunes that will give you a feeling of having stepped back in history. Although visitors usually prefer taking these safaris early in the morning, the night time is when the desert indeed comes alive.

Jaisalmer with its soft golden sand appears all the more beautiful. It is also known as the 'golden city of Rajasthan' and is also the place where the ancient Jaisalmer Fort is located. There are two types of Safari offered at the place namely Camel Safari and Jeep Safari in Sam Sand Dunes.

3. Gadisar Lake

On the outskirts of Jaisalmer in the arid state of Rajasthan lies the beautiful Gadisar Lake, which sits like an oasis in the heart of a desert. Back in the middle ages, there were no canals or irrigation system or other scientific methods to bring water to the arid regions of Rajasthan. This reservoir was built by Raja Rawal Jaisal keeping in mind the need of his people. Located close to the fort of Jaisalmer, the lake is an easy respite from the hot and dry desert climate. Gadisar Lake offers scenic and picturesque views of the lake and the adjacent fort, especially when the eastern sky is blood red and the sun rises, striking its rays on the top floors of Jaisalmer Fort. Whether you like to spend some quiet time by yourself or have fun with your family, Gadisar Lake has a handful of experiences to offer. You can go boating in the lake or simply enjoy a walk around the embankment.

4. Desert National Park

Situated near the town of Jaisalmer, Desert national park is among the largest of its kind in the country, encompassing an area of 3162 sq kms. The park covers a huge area extending from Jaisalmer/Barmer all the way to the India-Pakistan border. In spite of being right in the middle of an arid, dry, and sandy desert, the desert national park presents a wonderful opportunity to see the wildlife such as camels, desert fox, Bengal fox, chinkara, wolves, desert cat, and the Blackbuck. If you want to explore the majestic wildlife at the Desert National Park, then the best way to do so is by going for an adventure-filled jeep safari which will be an entirely new exciting experience. It is located close to the mighty Thar desert and defies all stereotypical notions of the non-existence of flora and fauna in the deserts.

5. Patwon ki Haveli

Also known as the Mansion of Brocade Merchants, Patwon Ki Haveli is a famous tourist attraction in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. At first glance from the narrow street it faces, one would see a number of windows and balconies with intricate carvings, and once inside, they would get to witness the grandeur of the Haveli. It is a cluster of five small havelis built by a rich trader in the 19th Century. Locals also refer the haveli as Kothari’s Patwa Haveli. The five havelis were built for the family and together, the entire complex forms the largest mansion in the city. It still possesses an ample number of artefacts and stonework that give a glimpse into the regal lifestyle of the Patwa family. It is one of three havelis that are deemed impressive in the city. The building comes under the Archaeological Survey of India and it is recognized as a renowned architectural as well as a historical site.

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