5 Indian Instagram Accounts For Travel Lovers

5 Indian Instagram Accounts For Travel Lovers

5 Indian Instagram Accounts For Travel Lovers
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Instagram! Instagram! Instagram!

As a huge travel lover, I love Instagram the most among all social media platforms. Because here I have so many interesting pages to follow that keeps me in touch with some of the best travel-related content such as destinations, cultures, stories, travel tips, and packages.

So if you’re also a travel enthusiast like me and prefer Instagram as well, then in this article I am gonna tell you about 5 Indian Instagram accounts for travel lovers that you should follow to not only discover, but you can also promote your content to get better engagement on your page.

As an Indian, I love “India”. A country of various places to explore, different cultures, religions, and languages. In short, for a hodophile, India is one of the best countries to explore across the globe.

No matter you love mountains, you love beaches, you love spirituality or you love architecture, or you are a history enthusiast, this country has everything you’re looking for to experience as a travel lover. And these Instagram Accounts will help you to explore it.

Here’re those 5 Indian Instagram Accounts you should follow as a travel lover:

1. Pahadism (@pahadism)


If you are a person who loves Mountains, trekking, pahadi culture, and their tradition, then Pahadism is the page that you should follow definitely. As the name describes itself “Pahad” which means “Mountain”, this page is all about the Himalayas. 

I still remember how much that epic movie “Ye jawani hai deewani” inspired me to trek. After watching that movie, I was completely in love with the mountains, especially that “Manali trip”. 

Now, it’s like a passion for me to know more about the Himalayas, pahadi culture and tradition in which, Pahadism helps me.

With over 25,000+ followers, this page basically promotes the destinations, cultures, and traditions of Indian Himalayan states such as Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, etc.

So if you want to know about the destinations, traditions, and culture of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, and other Himalayan states, Pahadism is one of those few Indian Instagram Accounts for travelers that should be in your following list for sure.

But, what makes this page special is that you can also promote your content on this page for free. Yes! This page could be a perfect marketing tool for your content as well. If you’ve any content regarding travel, then you can send it to the Pahadism community to get featured on the page with your name mentioned in it, 

And you know, it could be very beneficial for your profile in terms of getting engagement from the audience who loves the content like you’ve and the best part is, it won’t cost you anything, not even a single penny.

So, follow @pahadism to discover the Himalayas or to get promoted. 

 Click here to follow @pahadism

2. Memories Of India (@memories.of.india)


People from all over the world love to come India to explore this beautiful country which is world-famous for its spirituality, mountains, beaches, architecture, wildlife, desert, religions, and many more. 

And if you ask me to recommend any Instagram page to know more about Indian culture, traditions, destinations then, I would prefer “Memories of India” to you. 

With over 98,000+ followers, this is one of those few pages on Instagram that specifically focuses on our Indian culture, arts, photography, and travel as well. But as a travel lover, it could be a good choice to follow this page not just because it has a huge follower base but you also get quality content regarding as well.

Basically it’s a shout out page that promotes other’s content and it could be very beneficial for you if you’re a travel photographer, trekker, or a frequent traveler, because if you are looking for the promotion then this page can help you in that.

And the huge follower base of this page is a big advantage for you as well, in terms of getting a broader reach to the right audience that is perfect for your niche.

But, the best is, it’s free. You just need to send your content to Memories of India and if they like it, your content will be posted on their page with your name mentioned in it. 

So check out this page and if you find its interesting then don’t forget to follow, as it is one of the best Instagram pages to explore Indian places, cultures, arts, and traditions.

Click here to follow @memories.of.india

3. Visit Ladakh (@lehladakhvisit)


Ladakh” This place isn’t needed any introduction. A paradise for every road trip lover. I am sure you also wanna experience a trip to Ladakh once in your life, agree to me? Those who’ve been already here know that feeling. 

One of the best places to visit in India, Ladakh, A thrilling adventure, trekking to highest mountain passes, breathtaking landscapes, Monasteries, and of course the scenic beauty of those majestic mountains makes this place a perfect choice for every travel enthusiast, especially someone who loves mountains.

However, there are so many pages are available on Instagram that represent Ladakh, but if you ask me then I would suggest you to follow “Visit Ladakh” instead of any other.

With over 31,000+ followers, Visit Ladakh is one of those few authentic pages on Instagram that provides the trusted packages for Ladakh road trips. Also, the page keeps you in touch with fascinating content related to Ladakh such as videos, information, travel tips, and much more.

Now here it comes a true advantage of this page, that you can also promote your content to their 31,000+ followers at free of cost. Yes! If you have the great content to share from your Ladakh trips like photos or videos then you can send it to them and if they like it, you’ll be get featured on the page.

And that would be a huge benefit for your page as well because if you check the page, each of their content gets a really impressive engagement and 90% of that audience are those who love to know more about Ladakh. 

So, if you are looking for Ladakh road trip packages, or want to discover more about Ladakh, my suggestion is to follow “Visit Ladakh”.

Click here to follow @lehladakhvisit

Visit Their Website For Ladakh Pacakges: http://travelbreed.com

4. Exploring Himachal (@exploring_himachal_)


If you ask me to pick my top 3 Indian states to explore first as a travel lover then Himachal Pradesh will be on that list definitely. For mountain lovers, Himachal Pradesh is a paradise. Majestic peaks, Trekking Adventure, beautiful landscapes, Paragliding, and much more you can experience in this beautiful Himalayan Indian state.

So if you also love this place and want to discover more about it like destinations for trekking, Himachali culture, their tradition, food, etc then I suggest you follow Exploring Himachal.

With over 14,000+ followers, this is one of the best Instagram pages to discover the culture, locations, and traditions of Himachal Pradesh. Like other shout out pages exploring_himachal_ also promote other’s content. 

So it could be an advantage for the people who’re looking to promote their content on pages having a huge follower base for getting engagement, you can send your content to the page owner’s and if they like it, your content will be featured. 

“But keep in mind your content should be matched to their niche.“

So, if you’re a Himachali or want to explore the exotic beauty, tradition, and culture of Himachal Pradesh or want to promote your content then I would suggest you to follow “Exploring Himachal

Click here to follow @exploring_himachal_

5. Himachal Pradesh (@himachali_insta_shoutout)


Again it’s a shout out page and as the name describes itself this page is all about Himachal Pradesh. 

With over 38,000+ followers, himachali_insta_shoutout is a photographer’s community that promotes the locations, culture, and pahadi tradition of Himachal Pradesh. But, for a travel photographer, this page could be a better option for promoting travel photos, videos kind stuff and because of having a huge follower base, it would be very beneficial for you in terms of getting engagement.

However, there are so many shouts out pages available on Instagram that promote Himachal Pradesh but, to be honest, I will recommend you to follow this page instead of those ones.

Why? Because unlike other shouts out pages, Himachali_insta_shoutout promotes 95% of its content according to the interest of their target audience.

So check out this page and if you find it interesting for you, follow it, or if you’re a travel photographer then use this page as a strong marketing tool to promote your content to the right audience that appreciates you for your work.

Click here to follow @himachali_insta_shoutout

So, these are the 5 Indian Instagram Accounts that can help you to discover India on Instagram and as a travel lover, these all should be in your following list for sure.

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Sagar Chandola

A travel enthusiast who loves to seek adventure in the mountains. An entrepreneur by profession and generally writes on topics related to marketing and travel.

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So helpful. However, I've already followed some shouts out pages but I found these one's better than them.

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