3 Instagram Pages You Should Follow If You Love Himachal Pradesh

3 Instagram Pages You Should Follow If You Love Himachal Pradesh

3 Instagram Pages You Should Follow If You Love Himachal Pradesh
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Well, 2020 is definitely the worst nightmare for a travel lover. Agree? I know. And for the people who were planning for a trip in 2020 but due to covid19, they had to cancel their plan, was possibly the worst feeling.

I was also planning to go on a trek in April and I am sure many of you were also planning the same. So I plan to visit Himachal Pradesh. However, there are so many destinations are available in India but being a pahadi (belong to mountains) I generally prefer “trekking” and if you’re also a trekking enthusiast like me, then most probably your first choice would be also Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh.

But unfortunately, my booking got cancelled so my trip as well and the whole season I spend like a frustrated guy who wants to go to the mountains but can go only from one room to another.

So finally my plan to trek in Himachal Pradesh was postponed and I started exploring my Instagram feed, as usual, I do to discover travel stuff and, I don’t know how but suddenly Instagram started showing pages those were related to Himachal tourism, Funny, but actually I found some interesting pages that what I am gonna share with you in this article.

So, I am gonna tell you about 3 pages those I discovered on Instagram in this lockdown and suggest you to follow if you also love to visit Himachal Pradesh and its tourism or you want to know about its destinations, tourism, culture and tradition.

3 Instagram Pages You Should Follow If You Love Himachal Pradesh: 

1. Exploring_Himachal_

However, there are so many pages are available on Instagram that promotes Himachal Pradesh tourism but, if you ask me to suggest one page. I would suggest exploring_himachal_.

Well, this is the page you can explore all day. Seriously, if you are looking for the exotic content about Himachal Pradesh tourism, trekking destinations, pilgrimage sites, adventure and much more, than trust me this is the page you should visit definitely. 

However, it’s a shout out page but the kind of content they promote is truly amazing. I mean if you ask me about what kind of content I would love to explore as a travel enthusiast, so my answer will be “as much as information about any destination I can get, obviously” and that what exactly this page provide me.

In short, if you are planning to visit Himachal Pradesh or want to know more about its destinations, culture, tradition than, this is the page you should follow. As I mentioned above this is a shout out page so it’s an advantage in that case if you want to promote your travel content.

Why to follow exploring_himachal_?

  1. Specified content related to Himachal Pradesh instead of profile shoutouts.
  2. You can easily collaborate with the page team on DM to get a shout out for your content at free of cost.
  3. To promote your travel business and packages.

To follow, visit : @exploring_himachal_

2. Himachali_He_Aaro_Bhai

As the name prefers itself “Himachali” means a person who belongs to Himachal Pradesh. Well, it’s a page for those one’s who truly love Himachal Pradesh and frequently visit to this Himalayan state every year.

In my list, the second page I recommend you to follow is Himachali_He_Aaro_Bhai for some obvious reasons I’ve mentioned below.

Like my first recommendation, this page is also could be a nice choice if you are looking for some of the best content on Instagram related to Himachal Pradesh. However, it’s also a shout out page but the niche they specifically focus according to the target audience is quite impressive.

We all know how many shoutout pages already exist on Instagram that promote the same kind of content again and again, but this is one of those few pages I must say who know what their audience exactly expect from any shout out page. I mean the quality of content they have, the niche they target as a travel page and the content they choose for their shoutout post is truly amazing.

If you travel frequently and you got some amazing photographs or videos and looking for the promotion to grow your Instagram page but due to lack of budget or small fan base you’re not getting a breakthrough then trust me, this page could be a good marketing platform for your page.

With over 35,000+ followers, you can get a shout out on this page at free of cost that will not only give you a broader reach but you can get the impressive engagement as well.

Why Himachali_hai_Arro_bhai?

  1. You get quality content related to Himachal Pradesh such as tourist destinations, travel tips, travel updates.
  2. To promote your travel page or content at free of cost, but do remember your content must be matched to their niche and target audience.
  3. For Brand collaborations.

To follow, visit : @himachali_he_aaro_bhai

3. Himachalisluv

Last but not the least; I would suggest you to visit @Himachalisluv if you are looking for the exotic destinations photographs and videos related to Himachal Pradesh. To be honest I recommend this page only for its content, not for the popularity.

Well, it’s again a shout out page that I suggest to you to visit and you will find it quite interesting actually because as I mentioned above that I love their content personally so I am recommending it.

Like other shoutout pages you’ll also find other’s content on this page but to be honest, it doesn’t matter, you want to see quality content whether it’s original or copied, right?

And it’s a shout out page so you can also use it as a marketing platform for your content to reach to your target audience. And if I talk about the audience, so this page has a huge follower base of 54,000+ Followers.


Why Himachalisluv?

  1. Huge follower base of 54,000+ followers to promote your travel content.
  2. Could be a good choice to discover some of the amazing content related to Himachal Pradesh Tourism.
  3. Also, provide travel packages on cheap rates and organize trips as well.

To follow, visit : @himachalisluv

So, these are my 3 recommendations of Instagram pages for the people who love Himachal Pradesh. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you like the article and find this information helpful. If yes, please drop a comment below to give your feedback or suggestion.

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A travel enthusiast who loves to seek adventure in the mountains. An entrepreneur by profession and generally writes on topics related to marketing and travel.


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