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Terms & Conditions

    • For Customer
      • By signing up, you agree to our Sms & email policy that clarifies we are allowed to send you updates/ promotions anytime via Sms or emails or push notifications.
      • Cancellation policy of seller will be applied to your booking.


    • For Seller
      • By creating seller account, you agree to our Sms & email policy, that we can send you updates/promotions anytime via Sms or emails or push notifications.
      • It is mandatory to having GST registration, Your PAN and AADHAR card for start selling on Eventskite.
      • Eventskite has the right to use your brand name, logo or any kind of professional stuff related to your business in our advertisements, website or any kind of marketing material.
      • Eventskite has the right to remove or pause your event any time without giving any prior notice.
      • Eventskite has the right to manage price for your events on the website according to any exclusive offer, discount, etc. However we’ll get our commission on your listing price only so the price you get after deduction of our commission will be calculated according to your listing price.
      • Customer satisfaction & feedback is our first priority and if we found any kind of bad service from your side or a bad feedback from the customer regarding your service or staff; in that case you could be blacklisted for a certain time or ban as well in some major case and all the unsettled booking amount will be freeze for 1 month. So make sure just like us customer service should be your first priority.
      • Your visibility on Eventskite depends on the ratings and feedback given by customers. If your rating is good, we will promote you more to our customers otherwise on bad rating your visibility and search ranking will be get affected
      • You will not charge any extra amount for the booking from the customer if he/she has been made booking through Eventskite
      • Amount will be settled in your bank account within 48 Hours after booking confirmation and receiving booking amount.
      • Cancellation policy will be applied to you in case you cancel any booking. We take 10% cancellation charge of the booking amount.
      • In case a seller cancels a booking, the amount calculated according to your cancellation policy will be refunded to the customer and a 10% cancellation charge will be deducted from your next booking as our cancellation policy applies on the deduction amount you take for the cancelled booking
      • In case we found you doing of bad marketing of Eventskite to your customers or social media, we can take a legal action against you and you will be banned from Eventskite and all the unsettled amount will be freeze for 3 months.