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Chandrashila Trek

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Chopta & Chandrashila

Delhi to Delhi , 3 Days 2 Nights

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About chandrashila

The Chandrashila trek is a great option for people who are interested in adventure sports. It is a type of trek, which is popular among trekkers of all ages. A visit to this region is one of the best ways to experience the timeless beauty of India's Himalayan mountains. Trekking in India is a significant activity because of the accessibility of trekking destinations. Now a days trekking is more popular than ever, and this is a welcome sight to travellers who have become interested in this activity. Chandrashila trek is an excellent choice for youngsters irrespective of their trekking experience. It is one of the most popular trekking trips in this country. It is a beautiful natural destination lying at the lap of Himalayas delivers fantastic views of the Himalayan range, for example, Trishul, Nanda Devi and Chaukhamba. Chandrashila peak trekking path started from the Chopta valley. Chopta is a small valley which is certainly located at Uttarakhand. Now a days, this destination is quite popular among vacationers, it is due to the fact that it offers maximum options such as researching, exploring for adventure enthusiasts and hiking enthusiasts. The area is a haven of beauty, especially the ones that are interested in a fantastic place to relax, minus the hustle and bustle of a typical tourist hot spot. It is also a base for hiking to Tungnath (third temple of Panch Kedar) that is located 4 kilometres up hill. This village is covered with woods of pine, deodar and rhododendron all around, and it is full of flora and fauna incorporates with rare species of critters and musk deer.

Chopta is also popularly called as 'Mini Switzerland' of India, which is located 2-9 kilometres from Ukhimath and 162 kilometres from Rishikesh across the road from Gopeshwar into Guptkashi. Because of an abundance of critters, Chopta is currently becoming popular among birdwatchers. Camping and hiking and yoga, snow hiking, snow ski rock craft, rock climbing, rappelling, photography of rare himalayan species of Monal Fowl are some of the common activities done at this place. Musk deer and Pika Mouse can be seen throughout the trek in this valley. A trek to the nearby area which is Deoria Tal, a very famous lake encompassed fully by woods on all regions is lovely.

Other than just a spiritual destination, Tungnath is also a well-known destination for trekking enthusiasts. Tungnath is arguably one among the highest Shiva temples present on the Earth, Tungnath temple is located in the mountain range of Tunganath at Rudraprayag district. Now the temple becomes more than 1000 years old and has been become the third-largest Kedar (Tritiya Kedar) in their Panch Kedars. Throughout winters, the temple has been shut and also the image of the deity. The Tungnath temple is located about two kilometres down from the Chandrashila Peak (4,000 m (13,123 feet )). The road to Chopta is only below this particular ridge and thus supplies the tiniest bridle approach path for hiking to the Tungnath from Chopta, within a distance of about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi).

The Chandrashila peak is the highest point of this whole trek journey. While traversing this region, you will have a panoramic view of the scenic beauty of the Himalayas. It is one of the best areas for trekking in India. There are many people who had decided to undertake this trek without proper preparation and guidance. It is crucial and recommended that you go for this trek with appropriate planning and preparation. You should avoid getting involved in any illegal activities before the trek begins. In the Himalayas, you will find many places where the Tibetan people live. This area is extremely beautiful and mesmerizing. Also, this region is known as the cultural area. Its culture, traditions and beliefs are most different from the rest of the world. While trekking in this region, you will find many exciting places which can be a source of amusement. You can explore the Abode of Gods, the wild mountains, forests having greenery all around. All these places are endowed with the golden and blue pastures, which are considered as the treasured possessions of the people. These are some of the important pilgrimage places. In the journey of Chandrashila trek, you are going to explore the beauty of Garhwal hills. The trekking in this region is lovely and thrilling. Trekking in this region also offers many camps for the tourists, which are an ideal destination for spending some quality time with your friends, family or loved ones.

There are many beautiful places in this region which are well worth visiting. You can visit several such places like the Koshi, Kumbhalgarh, Gajanagar, Vikas Park, Barasat and other natural beauty spots. The trekking in this region is the epic journey for the adventurous traveller. If you are thinking of a wonderful and memorable excursion, you should consider the trek to Chandrashila peak.

Weather At Chandrashila

  • Chandrashila in Summers: The weather, in summer, of Chandrashila remains nice, cool and pleasant. The Himalayas are clearly observable and also the cool, fresh wind adds charm into your vacation. It is also advisable to carry light woollen clothes alongside you personally. In summers, temperature varies between 10 degree celsius to 24 degree celsius.
  • Chandrashila in Monsoons: The elegance of Chandrashila welcomes the vacationers to receive exotic beauty of nature. There are some chances remains of having roads obstructed for sometime because of landslides; however, also the picturesque beauty of Chandrashila throughout monsoons will probably be well worth taking the risk. In Chopta, monsoon comes in between the months of July and August. In that time period of the year, chances of having rainfall are very high, and also, due to this, the overall weather remains pleasant. But, it is advisable to carry along adequate rain gear if you are following a visit to this trek throughout this part of the year.
  • Chandrashila in Winters: Serenity and wilderness are at its very best throughout winters at Chandrashila. It gains a massive amount of snowfall throughout winters, and also very few of the accommodation options remain. However, you may able to see the Chandrashila Peak at its best level of beauty only in winters as it appears like 'Mini Switzerland' throughout winters. Winter season is freezing at this trek using a great deal of snowfall.

Best Time To Visit Chandrashila

Chopta-Chandrashila Trek is a fabulous destination which can be visited throughout the entire year. But the summertime visit would be a great option when the most tourists visit Chopta, as there was clearly versatile movements and you can also trek to most of the places. If you prefer to see the Tungnath Temple, then visit between April to November; otherwise, you may find the temple shut. Thus, the best time to visit Chopta is the months of Summer which is from March to June. The climate is temperate, and also the terrain is deciduous, this means that one can get drastic changes with the seasons -- the exact same area that seems verdant and abundant during summer is both arid and filled with snow in the winter season. Winter season may restrict travel options for a few places; nevertheless, also you are going to have an amazing time at this fantastic destination regardless of the weather. Travellers who wants to see snow fall or want to undergo snow biking at Chopta-Chandrashila then January to March are the very best months.

Things to carry

  • Warm clothes such as wollen clothes, sweater, jackets, wollen socks, wollen cap, scarf, thermal inner etc.
  • Raincoats in case of rain to avoid it.
  • Trekking shoes.
  • Personal toiletries and towels.
  • Torchlight or flashlights.
  • Basic medicines, sunscrean, body lotion, lip balms etc.


  • Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol while trekking.
  • Do not disturb local peopls or animals during trekking.
  • Pay attention carefully to the trek guides and instructors so that you can enjoy trekking safely.
  • Do not trek during nights, this might lead to mis-happenings.
  • Do not throw plastic bags here and there and maintain the decorum of the Himalayas.
  • Never take any medicines without consulting the trek guides.
  • If you don't know much about the place then don't roam around without a guide because mountains are unpredictable.

Frequently Asked Questions

About chandrashila

April to July is considered to be the best time to travel Chopta.

It is absolutely fine to travel Chopta.

Deoriatal, Tungnath, Chandrashila are some of the nearby popular destinations among tourists.

No. The last ATM you will find in Ukhimath.

Chopta is a small hill station and it is very beautiful. It is a perfect place for camping.

Chopta receives snowfall between the months of December and March.

Rishikesh Railway Station, it is approx. 207 kms far from Chopta.

Jolly Grant Airport, it is 227 kms far from Chopta.

In Chopta there are some chances of getting signal otherwise there is no network signal available. Only BSNL works fine but it's too very rarely.

It falls nearly Easy to Moderate on a difficulty scale.

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